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A Unique Partnership

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Fact Sheet

The prefabricated Conservatory structure was among the effects of businessman James Lick when he passed away in 1876. In a move that initiated a partnership of public and private funding that continues to this day, a group of prominent San Franciscans purchased the Conservatory and presented it to Golden Gate Park. Public funds supported the assembly of the building, and over the next twelve decades, City funds and generous gifts from both individuals and groups such as the San Francisco Garden Club helped to maintain the structure and ensure that it was filled with splendid tropical plants.

Today, the Conservatory rehabilitation is being accomplished through a partnership between Friends of Recreation & Parks, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and Department of Public Works.

Friends of Recreation & Parks
Friends of Recreation & Parks (FRP) is a non-profit organization committed to protecting and enhancing all of San Francisco's city parks - from Golden Gate Park to the more than 200 neighborhood parks, recreation centers and community programs.

FRP led the extraordinary $25 million Campaign to Save the Conservatory, raising $15 million through private donations. FRP worked closely with the City to plan the Conservatory's future and will continue to seek philanthropic support. FRP will also act as the fiscal agent for the Conservatory and will provide ongoing PR and marketing, volunteer and education programs and oversight of concessions and product development.

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (SFRPD) provides recreational activities, preserves the environment for the well-being of our diverse community and maintains the city's many beautiful parks.

The Conservatory of Flowers and its collections are managed and maintained by SFRPD. SFRPD has been involved in all aspects of the rehabilitation project and has led the visioning process for exhibits and programs at the Conservatory. SFRPD staff directs and oversees all operations of the Conservatory including collections management, exhibit development, maintenance and visitor services and will continue to do so in perpetuity.

San Francisco Department of Public Works

The San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW) provides services that benefit our daily lives such as maintaining city streets and sewers, building and maintaining public areas, caring for the city's urban forest, enforcing litter laws, removing graffiti and more. SFDPW also provides architectural, civil, structural, and mechanical engineering services, including project and construction management.

SFDPW has led the historic structural rehabilitation of the Conservatory of Flowers. SFDPW provided all oversight of the construction and engineering of the Conservatory, including oversight of the more than 30 contractors involved in the rehabilitation.