The Conservatory of Flowers has garnered numerous local, state and national awards.  These awards recognize the stunning architecture, collections, and historical importance of the Conservatory.

2015 – Pacific Orchid Exposition:

First Place – Octomeria species (107 Advanced)
Second Place – Platystcle Umbellata (709 Advanced)
Second Place – Medrocalcar verstecgii (911 Advanced)
Trophy Winner – Best Exhibit By One Or More Non-Commercial Exhibitors

2011 – Pacific Orchid Exposition:

First Place – Dendrobium nugentil (805 Advanced)
Trophy Winner – Dendrobium nugentii (Best Dendrobrium Shown by an Advanced Exhibitor)

2010 – Pacific Orchid Exposition:

First Place – Myoxanthus species (Open/Commercial)
Third Place – Lepanthes yuncKeri (Open/Commercial)
Trophy Winner – Best Exhibit Illustrating Show Theme

2009 – Pacific Orchid Exposition:

Third Place – Lepanthes yunkeri (709)
Third Place – Leptotes – pohli – tonozoi bohnKiarum (107)

2007 – American Orchid Society:

Highly Commended Certificate – Ida grandis ‘Jeanie’ (77 Points)
Certificate of Cultural Merit – Ida grandis ‘Jeanie’ (83 Points)

January 2006:

The Arc of San Francisco awards Conservatory with the Employer of the Year Award for outreach and employment of people with disabilities. The Conservatory of Flowers has been recognized as a leader in the city of San Francisco for employing people with disabilities. The clients of The Arc work on the Guest Services team at the Conservatory as greeters at the front desk. Their enthusiastic personalities motivate all staff members, volunteers and visitors at the Conservatory. (The Arc is a national organization that provides services to people with disabilities).

September 17, 2005:
The California Preservation Design Award.

July 2005:
The IESNA: International Illumination Design Award is given to the Conservatory for facility lighting.

May 2005:
The Conservatory recieves an award from the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California.

January 10, 2005:
The Conservatory is cited as “a beautiful example of a pavilion in a park that has been lovingly restored.” The American Institute of Architects recognized the Conservatory of Flowers among only a dozen other buildings nationwide to receive the 2005 National AIA Honor Award for Architecture. The selected projects include both: up and coming, and well-known architects and firms.

December 1, 2004:
The San Francisco Guardian lists the Conservatory of Flowers in the “Best of the Bay 2004” section with the designation of “Best Accidental Sauna”, citing the quiet simplicity of the facility and the face-freshening oxygen, steam, and heat.

November 17, 2004:
California’s history is a tangible link to people, places and events that have shaped our lives and the legacy of our collective past. The Conservatory of Flowers embodies this spirit and was awarded the Governor’s Historic Preservation Award, for outstanding commitment to excellence in historic preservation.

October 27, 2004:
The 2004 Friedel Klussmann Beautification Award was presented to the Conservatory of Flowers by San Francisco Beautiful- recognizing their mission for nearly 60 years of creating, enhancing, and protecting the unique beauty and livability of San Francisco.

June 24, 2004:
The California Heritage Council awarded the Conservatory of Flowers their ‘Restoration and Preservation Award.’

June 11, 2004:
Conservatory Director Scot Medbury is recognized by the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboretums by receiving the Professional Citation Award for significant achievements in public horticulture.

May 17, 2004:
The California Horticultural Society awarded the Conservatory with the Society’s 2004 Garden Award recognizing the Conservatory’s Highland Tropics Gallery. This is the first time the award has been presented to a public institution.

May 1, 2004:
The Victorian Society in America recognized the Conservatory’s renovation among four other national restoration projects (constructed between 1837 and 1917) for buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

April 1, 2004:
The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Save America’s Treasures and Home & Garden Television selected the Conservatory of Flowers as the newest addition to HGTV’s initiative, Restore America: A Salute to Preservation. The Conservatory was selected among 1,000 other sites across the country. In 1998, former first lady Hillary Clinton was integral in spearheading the White House Millennium Council’s “Save America’s Treasures” campaign. Along with the Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia and Angkor Wat, the Conservatory is listed among the world’s 100 most endangered architectural sites.

1997 – Peninsula Orchid Society Inc:

First Place – Masd. Truchilus
First Place – Masd. Voy Estrom
Second Place – Pleur PallioLata (G11)
Third Place – Pleur REStRepi Oides (G-11)
Special Award – Best Odent Novice WC Cyrtochilum Superbiers
Special Award – Best Pleweothallid Novice WC PL. Truncata

American Orchid Society Inc:

1992: Highly Commended Certificate – Masd. Velifera ‘Puffin’ (75 Points)
1991: Certificate of Cultural Merit – Masd. Encephala ‘Alien’ (84 Points)
1990: Certificate of Botanical Recognition – Masd. huebschiana ‘Ajay’
1990: Certificate of Botanical Recognition – Dracula Vinacea ‘Dionysius’
1990: Certificate of Cultural Merit – Dracula erythrochaete ‘Tiryus’ (85 Points)
1989: Certificate of Botanical Recognition – Masd. oscarii ‘Eroica’
1989: Certificate of Cultural Merit – Masd. Tovarensis ‘Puffin’ (84 Points)
1989: Certificate of Cultural Merit – Masd. Tridens ‘Casablanca’ (82 Points)
1989: Certificate of Cultural Merit – Masd. Dynastes ‘Jupiter’
1987: Certificate of Botanical Recognition – Masdevallia sororcula ‘Rick’
1987: Certificate of Botanical Recognition – Masdevallia excelsior ‘Long Island’
1983: Certificate of Botanical Recognition – Odontoglossum krameri ‘Malloy’


Whether you’re a native San Franciscan, a visitor from another side of the world, or a classroom of budding botanists, the Conservatory of Flowers offers an intimate up-close experience with rare and endangered plants unlike any other. Come see what treasures await you!

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