Greetings friends, neighbors, and supporters,

It is our honor to welcome you to the Conservatory of Flowers website – a warm and sincere digital hello!

We are thrilled that you look to the Conservatory as a place to escape the chill of San Francisco, the stress of everyday life or travel, or as a resource on rare and unusual plants. The Conservatory of Flowers is a national, state, and local landmark. Built in 1879, the Conservatory was the first formal structure erected in Golden Gate Park and remains an internationally renowned icon at the entrance of world renowned Golden Gate Park.

At the Conservatory, we curate an endless parade of rare and unusual flowers for display, and aim to transport all of those who enter our Victorian doors to a faraway place where those plants grow in their native ranges. Come visit the Conservatory today and immerse yourself in our five distinct galleries, each focusing on highlighting a different ecosystem, ranging from the dense tropical rainforests of Sumatra to the cloud forests of Ecuador and beyond. Once inside you are sure to be amazed by the diversity, ingenuity, and fragility of the incredible ecosystems that are represented by the collection of plants, but also the national landmark structure. We are also eager and excited to continue to develop innovative community programming like Night Bloom that highlights the Conservatory and our plants in a new light!

We are proud that the Conservatory is engaged in important conservation and education work, keeping rare and unusual plants on display for the young and old, just as we have done since 1879. We are proud that the Conservatory welcomes a diverse community of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds from the San Francisco Bay Area. Finally, we are proud to continue to develop the much needed capital to keep the Conservatory thriving year after year!

Please consider becoming a member or supporting the Conservatory and visit us often!


Whether you’re a native San Franciscan, a visitor from another side of the world, or a classroom of budding botanists, the Conservatory of Flowers offers an intimate up-close experience with rare and endangered plants unlike any other. Come see what treasures await you!

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Golden Gate Park | 100 John F. Kennedy Drive | San Francisco, CA 94118 | 415-831-2090